About Liminality

\liminality\: the threshold between what was and what is to be

Liminal, it is one of my favorite words. Perhaps that is because I live so much of my life in the liminal spaces.

Essentially, I am liminal. I was born and raised in Kenya to American parents. Being neither Kenyan nor American, I straddle the border between two cultures. But I am also a work in progress, ever on the threshold of what I am to be. Liminality is dangerous and messy. It is undefined and unsettled. But it is also beautiful, raw, real.

Photography is an art for the liminal spaces of life. Photographs capture what is now so that in the future we may reflect on what was. People most often hire photographers for liminal moments. Weddings, for instance, are liminal events. They are the threshold between being engaged and being married. It is a strange, beautiful, wonderful event – literally a transformative process from which the couple emerges different than they entered. What an incredible thing. And, what an honor it is to be invited into such a sacred space to help tell the story (I love my job!).

Pregnancy, the birth of a baby, graduation from high school…these are all emblems of the phases we transition through in life. They are the inhale, the breath, between two worlds. These are the moments that I get to document with my lens. Because of that I approach each session with a sense of awe and respect for the story unfolding before me. Welcome to Liminality. Photography for the space in between.

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