Emily & Kelby - Liminality
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Emily & Kelby

The photos are absolutely beautiful! I can't even express how happy Kelby and I are with them. You really captured every element of our wedding - looking at them made me re-live the happiness and joy of that day in a way I had not anticipated or thought possible (I've been tearing up all day).

I really was not looking forward to hiring a photographer when I started planning the wedding. In all my experiences with wedding photographers, they capture what they feel is important and not necessarily what the couple wants. After seeing your website and meeting with you before the wedding, I knew that you would be different. What I did not expect was the accuracy and poignancy with which you were able to capture and tell our story. After having seen the photos today, and as an ethnographer myself, I have to say I am most impressed by your ability to capture people.

If you don't mind me gushing on and on, I should also say that I seriously loved working with you. You helped me relax and enjoy the moment. In fact, I actually had fun taking portraits after the wedding (something I did not think was possible). You got Kelby to smile for a photograph, and you helped everyone relax and laugh. Everyone who worked with you could not stop talking about how much they liked you.

- Emily, Wedding 6.22.12

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